Patrik and Dump Tees goes outreach

Hey there folks. I´m in Sweden. Yes I know, it´s crazy! Just 16 days ago I was in super hot female viagra price Nicaragua and now I´m in cold investigate aspirin usa Sweden.

The reason that I´m back in my lovely country is that I applied to SE-Forum´s ( determine Social Entrepreneur Forum) fml eye drops price filter accelerator program Outreach and got accepted. I´m one of six persons accepted and I´m very proud to tell you that zantac canada Dump Tees is a part of the program.

stockholm roof

The program is funded by Sida in Sweden and it´s like a موعد تداول اسهم الحمادي boot camp for social entrepreneurs like me. People wanting to change the world. The other guys are super cool! I´ll present them for you here in the blog later. The program is 8 weeks long and we´re meeting a shit load of cool people. Björn Söderberg, Sebastian Stjern, Maja Frankel, Harry McNeil, Eliza Kücükaslan, Jonas Pinzke, Daniel Daboczy just to mention a few!

Okey talk to you tomorrow, I´ll tell you more about my reflections being at home again, after 15 months in Nicaragua working with kids and teenagers in the huge التسجيل في فوركس garbage dump كيف تربح المال على الإنترنت في الهند La Chureca.

Tee up!

Meeting with Humberto from La Chureca

إشارات الفوركس الدقيقة Today I met with Humberto from enter La Chureca. He was the first person I met when I first came to the garbage dump in February 2011. He looked really cool, a big basketball shirt, cap and shorts. A little bit like a bad boy. مؤشر الاسهم السعودية اليوم But he was such a nice guy. We are in the same age, both 26 years old but totally different lives. He´s working as a churequero, recollecting plastics, and whatever he can find to sell to make a few dollars to support his family, who´s on the photo below.

la chureca
Photo is taken outside Humberto´s house

__utmpk Today when I met him in the park he was pretty worried. He didn´t go to work today because the churequeros closed the dump, they were  موقع تداول الاسهم الامريكيه بالعربي striking and wouldn´t let any كيف أربح المال في سوق الأسهم garbage trucks enter. Reason: the drivers of the trucks have salaries and permanent jobs, but still they are recollecting things they find in the trashes. You can see big plastic bags on the side of the trucks, filled with plastics etc.

الخيارات الثنائية التداول إشارات حية الروبوت 2017 The people of la chureca are the third in order to scavenge the trashes and it´s not much left to use I tell you! That´s why they are striking today, means no work and no work = no money = hard times.

تسجيل الدخول للفوركس Since Humberto actually is the first design and story of فروع بنك الاهلي التى تباع فيها الاسهم بالدمام والخبر Dump Tees  click t-shirt I told him that he´ll get his money in advance, since it´s pretty hard times in there now. Last time I saw Humberto he told me that he´s girlfriend is pregnant so today I gave him a bag with women´s clothes, razors, shoes and toothbrushes that my lovely friend Linda left here when she left for Sweden again. He loved the shoes and looked pretty happy about the things. I hope they´ll suit her good.

Tee up or die naked!


Swedish rap!

go to link This folks, is a song from back in the days. Or about 7 years ago. Brings up a lot of memories, good and bad. A swedish man called “ Frispråkarn” singing about street violence in Sweden. And yes, we got street fights and shit in Sweden too…

But the police is doing a very good job, I´m proud of all the policemen, firemen and ambulance personnel who actually makes Sweden a pretty safe country. It´s pretty different here in Nicaragua I tell you. Turn up the volume and let go with the flow, I bet you like it! Please share good rap music from your country, if you got some!

Tee up or die naked!

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Dump Tees chapter one

Good morning dump teesers,

This is our first post in the Dump Tees Blog. I thought about it for a very long time if I should write in swedish (since im from sweden) or if I should write in english but I decided to write in english since some of our customers are from outside our banana shaped country. But, the guys from the city dump La Chureca who are working with me will be blogging in spanish since their english is not that good yet. I´ll translate for ya, don´t worry hombre.

Well I haven´t slept anything tonight. That´s my way of life nowadays as the CEO of a clothing brand. So much to do and so much to think about and I love it. I think we´ll get along well you and I on this blog and we´ll get to know eachother step by step. You are welcome to leave comments, “rice and roses” as we say in swedish.

T-shirt "granade"


I think that´s about it for today. Later on this week I´ll tell you about who/what Dump Tees is, who we are behind the brand and why we are doing this, we have a very special goal to reach you see. My name is Patrik Appelquist and I´m CEO of Dump Tees.


Tee up or die naked!

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