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Dump Tees won the prize visitors choice

Last thursday was an amazing day! Dump Tees turned 1 year old and we celebrated with the coolest cake and champagne together with customers and all the students at Linnaeus University in Växjö Sweden.

Jesper Johansson and Patrik Appelquist represented Dump Tees in the trade show “Amår” and had by far the coolest designed stand!

Dump Tees business

High-Tech payment with cellphone and iZettle


Dump Tees DJDJ “Golfarn” putting on some latin rhymes while Patrik talking to cute girl…


Patrik & Jesper from Dump Tees As we say in swedish: “manlig kärlek är den bästa kärleken”. Translate if you need to.


Patrik & Jesper from Dump Tees Dump Tees goes boyband. First 12 out soon in a store close by…


Dump Tees birthday cake There is no birthday without a Dump Tee Cake!


Dump Tees business cards We come from Nicaragua baby!


IMG_4942 Serious shit, lets get this party started!


Dump Tees Champagne

Just pour it up for them awesome customers!


A huge thank you to all the students, especially the people from “Enterprising and business development”

Bara 8 exemplar kvar!

Dump Tees Vit/Rosa t-shirt

Dump Tees goes trade show in Köping Sweden

Are you guys from Västmanland Sweden? Well then you should all come to Köpingsmässan in Köping this weekend. Dump Tees will at Köping Arena, friday and saturday from between 12 to 17-ish.

We will have a lot of t-shirts, a game (that the kids always are playing in the garbage dump) competition and the opportunity for us to chat about La Chureca, Nicaragua, social business, what you ate for breakfast or whatever comes to our mind.

Be there or be square!


Dump Tees first photos of the first collection

2012 Collection: “Grenade”
Sizes: XS-XL
Men & Women
100% Organic Cotton
Order at:



Dump Tees chapter one

Good morning dump teesers,

This is our first post in the Dump Tees Blog. I thought about it for a very long time if I should write in swedish (since im from sweden) or if I should write in english but I decided to write in english since some of our customers are from outside our banana shaped country. But, the guys from the city dump La Chureca who are working with me will be blogging in spanish since their english is not that good yet. I´ll translate for ya, don´t worry hombre.

Well I haven´t slept anything tonight. That´s my way of life nowadays as the CEO of a clothing brand. So much to do and so much to think about and I love it. I think we´ll get along well you and I on this blog and we´ll get to know eachother step by step. You are welcome to leave comments, “rice and roses” as we say in swedish.

T-shirt "granade"


I think that´s about it for today. Later on this week I´ll tell you about who/what Dump Tees is, who we are behind the brand and why we are doing this, we have a very special goal to reach you see. My name is Patrik Appelquist and I´m CEO of Dump Tees.


Tee up or die naked!

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